Silent Flight

Location of Leigh Park Farm

Leigh Park Farm Map

Leigh Park Farm is situated to the North West of Leigh village. We treat this field as a silent flight site – Gliders and Electric powered models. Our use of this site extends throughout the year

Flying Rules for Leigh Park Farm (Silent Flight)

Please see Club Rules and Constitution Tab.

Please note that from 2022 onwards the permitted flying times for the silent site are:

Saturday: 10.00am to 6.00pm

Sunday and Bank Holidays: 10.00am to 5.00pm

Weekdays: Members may fly on any two weekdays of their choice from 10.00am to dusk


When one of our gliders lands, in its last six feet to the ground, it sweeps across some 40 yards of flying site with its many feet of wingspan, thus presenting a high capacity for collecting people as it goes – people who are likely to be concentrating their attentions elsewhere as it makes its silent approach.

Now is the time to recognise the probability of what the annual injury statistics could amount to. We do not want to be hurt, we do not want our colleagues hurt and we do not want to spend our summer weekends wearing safety helmets.

What follows was distilled from a discussion of the subject at a BARCS committee meeting.

  1. Landing areas must be maintained as clear as possible. – This is the responsibility of everyone on the site from spectator to organiser.
  2. The control point should not be sited downwind of the landing area.
  3. In competitions involving landing targets, each competitor in each slot should have his own 25-metre diameter circle. On restricted sites, the circles may overlap with a minimum of 10 metres between centres. Only the pilot and one helper are allowed to enter the landing area during the landing manoeuvre.
  4. In competitions not involving landing targets, an ideal safe landing area can be marked off by isolating one side of the site by a low barrier parallel to the direction of towing and opposite to the site access point. This way only retrievers need to enter the landing area.