Membership and Renewals

Membership and Renewals

Anyone interested in joining our club should initially contact our Secretary and Treasurer, Peter Tullett, by email ( our Chairman Clive Nicholls by telephone (01732 350600). An application form will then be sent either by email or post (or it can be downloaded, see below).

We operate Junior (under 18 yrs), Intermediate (18 yrs to 25yrs inclusive) and Senior memberships (26 yrs +) in the club. We also have a Family membership category which covers 1 Senior member and up to 3 Junior members of the same household.

We currently have 2 flying sites which are both available to members (hence all members are designated “Dual Site”). The Tonbridge site is for the use of all powered models being either I/C or Electric and also for Helicopters all subject to the 82dB noise limit. The Leigh site is for the use of gliders and quiet electric models only.

Prospective new members are encouraged to visit the appropriate flying site by prior arrangement with the Club and new flyers would be well advised to delay purchasing equipment until they have done so.

All club members must additionally belong to the British Model Flying Association (BMFA) which is the governing body for aero modelling in this country and also provides the necessary insurance cover. It is also now necessary for all Senior club members to register with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to obtain an operator ID number, display this number on their models and possess or obtain documented evidence of competency via the BMFA or pass a CAA online test. Junior members will need to arrange for someone over the age of 18 to register with the CAA to obtain an operator ID number, display that number on their models and the Junior member themselves will need to pass the competency requirements. The club can assist with meeting these requirements in conjunction with the BMFA (see for full details).

Where members wish to join or renew their membership of the BMFA via a payment to Tonbridge Radio Flyers, and wish to register with the CAA via the BMFA, they are agreeing to the following statement:

“I confirm that I have read and understood the CAA Privacy Notice and the CAA terms and conditions relating to registration with the CAA and agree to the BMFA providing my name, address, date of birth and email address (if applicable) to the CAA as part of the process.”

The CAA Privacy Notice can be viewed at and the CAA’s terms and conditions can be viewed at .

Would existing members please note that the Treasurer will contact them by e-mail with renewal instructions. If members have not heard from the Treasurer by mid-December please contact him by email (

The full year 2023 subscriptions are:-

Dual Site Senior TRF £50 + BMFA £42 + CAA £10= £102

Dual Site Intermediate TRF £25 + BMFA £42 + CAA £10= £77

Dual Site Junior TRF £15 + BMFA £20 = £35

Dual Site Family TRF £65 + BMFA (see below) + CAA £10

It is also possible to puchase a BMFA plastic membership card for an additional £5.50 (this is optional). See Welcome to BMFA Rewards – BMFA Rewards for further details.

In addition to the subscriptions detailed above a joining fee of £20 is payable by new Intermediate and Senior members. New Junior members are not subject to this joining fee.

The BMFA family rates for 2022 are:-

Family senior £42

Family partner £29

Family junior £15

Reduced membership rates apply for all new applications after 1st July. If this is applicable, and for any other combinations, please contact the Treasurer by email (

Tonbridge Radio Flyers has a Privacy Policy that can be viewed via the above menu bar. By applying for, or renewing your, membership of Tonbridge Radio Flyers you are agreeing to be bound by the contents of this policy.