02/06/2020 Corona Virus

Both the power and glider sites are now open but please remember the following:

Members will need to make their own decision as to whether it is safe to go flying in the light of
Coronavirus/COVID-19 and their own individual circumstances, i.e. age, underlying health
conditions, etc. Members will need to take full personal responsibility for any consequences
arising from such visits.

Members visit club flying sites voluntarily and at their own risk. The club accepts no liability
whatsoever for any consequences or losses arising from such visits, be they related to
Coronavirus/COVID-19 or otherwise.

Do not arrange to meet with more than one member from outside your household to go flying
(this is not permitted by law at the current time).

Members should regard all advice contained in present and future updates issued by the BMFA
and published on the BMFA website as mandatory when visiting club flying sites.

Anyone displaying symptoms of COVID-19, or who shares a household with any individual
displaying symptoms, must not fly and should stay at home to maintain social isolation in
accordance with government advice.

Social distancing of at least 2m is mandatory.

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